– A Really Cool Website for Those Who Love to Learn

Remember when you were in undergrad and there were always those one or two really interesting sounding classes that you wanted to take but couldn’t fit into your schedule? Or perhaps you have been out of school for a while and want a refresher on some subjects. Well here’s your chance. Introducing

I was perusing my Twitter feed a few weeks ago when one of my friends tweeted that she had just signed up for a free finance class on a website. I clicked through to the website and saw that not only were they offering finance, but they were also offering other cool classes like Cryptography, Intro to Pharmacology, and my personal favorite, Intro to Sustainability, among many others. 

The best thing about this site is that the classes are offered through really amazing colleges and universities including Harvard. The classes are interactive and have assignments and even final exams in some cases! I see huge potential in this being a great tool for high school students to use to determine what their career interests are and to get acclimated to the academic rigor of college.

 I signed up for the finance class but I definitely plan on signing up for more once my schedule allows me to. I was really inspired as I read through the course listing. It is admirable that these schools are offering access to these courses for free! The philosophy and management courses look particularly interesting to me.  I am so glad that my friend recommended this website and I knew that I had to pay it forward and share it as well. I’ll keep you posted on my Coursera experience as I go through the course.


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