Playing Catch-Up

My failure to methodically pack my belongings by room is definitely coming back to bite me. I can barely find anything without having to dig through all of my boxes. At least I was able to find my cutlery, my cleaning products, and my Snuggie. Everything else will have to wait until the weekend because I’m simply too tired and overwhelmed to even attempt to unpack anything else. The previous tenants left the apartment a mess so I have been doing a lot of disinfecting, but I am excited to get everything clean so that I can start decorating. I love my new neighborhood and the fact that it is super vibrant with lots of shops and restaurants. My next goal is to give the inside of the refrigerator a thorough bleach bath so that I can get back to cooking each day.  I cannot wait for the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. you’re still ahead of me. i moved into my place in March, got it furnished in April, and still have boxes sitting around.


    don’t be like me!! and is there any chance we can get pics of the shiny new place?

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