Self Care February: An Introduction


February is the month that most people reserve for demonstrating how much they care about others. The store shelves are lined with chocolates, heart shaped trinkets, and beautiful bouquets of brightly hued flowers. Much like the holiday season, people tend to get overwhelmed and put unnecessary pressure and expectations on themselves as they try to adequately portray their love/like/appreciation of their loved ones. However, how often do you take time out to show yourself how much you care for yourself? It is so easy to put yourself last, but this month, I encourage you to set some time aside for self care.

The entire month of February, I will be posting daily challenges and prompts to get you inspired to make self care an integral part of your daily life. My goal is to make these daily posts easy to implement, so that you can carry these tips far beyond February and are able to integrate them into your everyday lives. The challenges include decadent recipes, motivating videos, special #mindfulmondays, and a lot of self reflection.

How to Participate:

1. Check back daily for your daily challenge (or you can subscribe by entering your e-mail address in the subscription box to the right and the challenges will be delivered to your e-mail inbox!)

2. Comment below and let me know how you completed the challenge and any insights that you have gained.

3. Share your progress via social media using the hashtag #SelfCareFeb  and tag me on Instagram (@slyspeaks), Twitter (@slyspeaksblog), or Pinterest (@slyspeaks).

We will begin tomorrow with Day 1: Self Care Intention Setting


19 thoughts on “Self Care February: An Introduction

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