#SelfCareFeb: Day 1 – Self Care Intention Setting

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Welcome to the first #MindfulMonday of the month! For the first day of #SelfCareFeb, set your intentions for the month by doing a little bit of goal setting.  You can jot some ideas down on some pretty stationary, type them up on your phone, or scribble them in a journal or diary. Answer the following prompts [it doesn’t need to be super elaborate. Just write whatever comes to your mind]. We will re-visit these questions at the end of the month.

Let’s Get Started!

A) What does “self care” mean to you?

B) What is something that you have been putting off doing that would really make you feel great about yourself?

C) What are some quotes that empower you to take better care of yourself?

D) What hobbies or creative activities do you love to do, but don’t really have a lot of time for?

E) How would you like to feel at the end of February after implementing all of these self care activities?

I also encourage you to make a vision board or write down some inspiring quotes and post them somewhere that you will see them every morning. It will keep you focused and encourage you to stick with the challenge for the entire month.

I’m excited to see how you like #SelfCareFeb!  I will also be sharing my progress with the daily challenges. Comment below and let me know what your favorite quote is or what’s your favorite hobby. (My favorite hobby is traveling!)


4 thoughts on “#SelfCareFeb: Day 1 – Self Care Intention Setting

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  2. Such a fabulous article, Sylvia. One super small but big thing that I thought of when you asked “What hobbies or creative activities do you love to do, but don’t really have a lot of time for?”

    For me it’s listening to music when I’m in the car instead of biz audio. It’s so simple, I know. But for the past year, I had such little time to work on my biz- I had to take every single spare second to improve my skills and knowledge.

    Since I’m now working for myself and have more time, I listened to music instead of biz audio and the whole drive was enjoyable and relaxing. Wasn’t rushing to soak up every bit of info before I had to get out. Just enjoyed being entertained musically.

    So more of that and slowing down.

    • Thanks so much for commenting Diana! I used to be a similar way with books. I always used to read more serious type books like business books, spiritual texts, and self help type things but never read “fun” books or fiction books and I quickly got burned out. Now I try and alternate between different book genres every time I start a new book and I also find that I integrate the information in the books better now that I am not reading the same topics over and over again.

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