#SelfCareFeb Day 4: Reconnect with a Friend

I hope things are going well with #SelfCareFeb so far! In today’s age of the internet and social media, it is so easy to think that you are actively maintaining your friendships by “liking” pictures and commenting on statuses. But when was the last time that you actually had a conversation with a dear friend? I made some of my best friends in college, but we are scattered all over the world so it can be difficult to stay in touch. Like many of my college friends, I moved to the East Coast (of the United States) after graduation. It was easy to hop on a bus or the train to visit them. Now that I live in the South, I haven’t seen many of my friends for at least 6 months. It can be incredibly lonely to be far away from friends, but it only takes a few minutes to get back in touch so that you can connect with like minds, share what is going on in each others respective lives, and have a good laugh (or twenty good laughs, in the case of my conversations with my friend Ashley!) Here are some tips:

1. PICK UP YOUR PHONE: My friends and I used to joke that phone companies should not make people pay for making phone calls anymore and should just charge for texting, since no one really talks on their phones that much these days. Make an effort today or sometime this month to scroll through your contacts list and call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. It will be fun to catch up and you may find out some information that you would have never gleaned from social media. If they don’t answer when you call, leave a voicemail asking them to call you back. Otherwise I can guarantee you they will respond with a text instead, lol.

2. Schedule A Catch Up “Date”: I used to do this all the time in Philadelphia, mainly because there were no shortage of awesome restaurants and bars to choose from (#foodie) but also because it is so much fun to catch up in person. Or maybe there is someone who you only met a few times but you want to get to know better. Invite them out for coffee or a snack and get the conversation flowing. You may end up becoming fast friends!

3. Create New Friendships: Are you having a tough time meeting friends? Perhaps you just moved or started a new hobby and are having trouble finding people who share your same interests. I highly recommend signing up for meetup.com. It is a site where you can join groups (most are free but some charge a small fee to help pay for events) that pertain to your interests. I used to be part of a “new to town” group and a hiking group. The best part of the site is that if you cannot find an existing group that interests you, you can create your own!

On the topic of social media, we are going to continue #SelfCareFeb this weekend by taking a close look at our social networks. Social media is meant to be a positive addition to our lives but I find that a lot of people becoming stressed out and overwhelmed by it. Subscribe to this blog to make sure that you receive your first weekend challenge of #SelfCareFeb beginning tomorrow.

Comment Below: What are your favorite ways to reconnect with friends? What are your best tips for maintaining friendships and developing new friendships?

#SelfCareFeb continues tomorrow with Days 5 – 7: Evaluate Your Social Media.


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