#SelfCareFeb Day 8: Three O’Clock Tea

We have successfully completed week one of #SelfCareFeb! How did week one go for you? Were there any particular lessons that you found difficult? Did you promise yourself that you would try to do one particular challenge later but never got around to it? Or perhaps you just discovered my website (welcome!) and are starting out with Day 1? #SelfCareFeb is “go at your own pace” so take your time and enjoy! For today’s Mindful Monday I am going to introduce one of my favorite self care practices, which I call “Three O’Clock Tea.”

I would consider myself a morning person. I wake up naturally around 6 AM, and my productivity is high until lunchtime. At my last job, I would make it through the morning and lunch, and then right around 3 pm my energy would plummet and I would struggle to make it to 5pm. I would start feeling peckish and uninspired and would make my daily trek to the building’s vending machine to load up on some empty calories to curb my boredom.

One day, I had gone to Trader Joe’s to buy some fruit, and as is always the case when I go to Trader Joe’s, I walked out with a basketful of random food in cute packaging that I didn’t originally need. One of those items was the Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea. Instead of going to the vending machine at 3pm at work the next day, I decided to brew a cup of the tea. The Mango Black Tea gives you a kick of energy and is naturally sweet. I found that taking 10 minutes to brew the tea and sip it slowly while taking a short break gave me the boost of energy and focus to finish off the rest of the work day. I also used this impromptu break time to tidy up my desk, re-do my task list, and update my calendar.

From then on, Three O’Clock Tea became a ritual for me. One of the benefits was that I was less stressed during the day. Another awesome benefit was that I lost some weight because I was no longer binging on junk food every day. My tea collection has grown and I now collect tea during my travels.

Today’s challenge is to give Three O’Clock Tea a try! Take 10 minutes for yourself (and of course it does not have to be at 3pm. That is just what works for me) and slowly sip some tea, or your beverage of choice. If the weather is nice, try sitting outside with your tea or getting some coworkers or friends to join you.

Note: One of my goals for this blog is to start an interview series called “Three O’Clock Tea” where I talk with bloggers, entrepreneurs, and people doing awesome things and learn about what inspires them, how they got on their current path in life, and tips and tricks that they would like to share with others. I would love to make this a reality this Spring, so stay tuned for that!

Comment Below: What is your favorite brand of tea? How do you re-charge your energy during the workday?

#SelfCareFeb continues tomorrow with Day 9: Get Moving!


3 thoughts on “#SelfCareFeb Day 8: Three O’Clock Tea

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