#SelfCareFeb Day 10: Get it on Paper

For Day 10 of #SelfCareFeb, we are going to cover something simple that has a big impact – writing things down. Getting thoughts, ideas, and feelings out of your mind and onto paper can completely transform your life. Just imagine how many thoughts you have each day. This can include your to-do list, what you want to eat for lunch, vacations you want to take, and so on and so forth. You literally have thousands of thoughts swirling around your head each day. What would happen if you cleared all of those thoughts out of your mind and laid them out on paper? 

The benefits that I have seen are:

  • You can organize your thoughts
  • You can prioritize your tasks for the day
  • Less stress
  • I developed a sharper memory

Most people do not write down their thoughts is because they are convinced that they can remember everything, but this is not true. Imagine that your brain is a huge filing cabinet with hundreds of folders filled with information. Yes, all of the information is there, but if you haphazardly throw information into the filing cabinet without ever taking the time to sort through it, things can get lost in the shuffle. Let’s avoid that by regularly taking inventory of our thoughts and feelings. Here are a few easy ways to incorporate this habit into your day:

1. Stay Prepared: I mentioned in one of my posts a few weeks ago that I am going to make more of an effort to write down ideas right when they come to me. In order to do this, I have started carrying around a small Moleskin journal with me to jot down my thoughts. If I somehow forget my journal at home, I always have backups in the form of my notes app on my iPhone and scraps of paper in my bag.

2. Do Morning Pages: In the book “The Artist’s Way,” the author talks about the concept of morning pages. To do morning pages, you wake up and immediately write a couple of pages of whatever comes to mind. If you can’t think of anything to write, you could even spend your two pages writing “I wish I could go back to bed.” The idea is to get your consciousness stream flowing first thing in the morning to clear out the noise and prime your brain to be more creative throughout the day.

3. Keep a Journal/Diary: Many people already have this practice but you can keep a daily journal/diary where you sort through your thoughts. I used to write in a diary but then stopped for some reason, but I was looking through my past entries and it is amazing how much insight and clarity you can gain from writing things out!

4. Write Down Your Goals/Dreams/Wishes: I will have to write an entire series on this point alone because when I have put it into practice I find that everything that I write down comes to pass in one way or another. I have found apartments, met new people, and traveled the world by doing this step alone.

“Words are transformative. Write things down to create the life you want.” – @slyspeaksblog (Click to retweet!)

Comment Below: What are some benefits that you have seen from writing things down? Have you ever kept a diary and if so, what benefits have you seen from having one?

#SelfCareFeb continues tomorrow with Day 11: Do Differently


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