#SelfCareFeb Day 11: Do Differently

#SelfCareFeb Day 11

Today’s self care principle is all about adding some variety to your life. We can often get bored with our lives because we stay in our comfort zones and go through our usual routines each day. We rarely do spontaneous things or try something new. Well today, I challenge you to look at something in your life from a new perspective and “do differently.” When I lived in Philadelphia, I took the same two bus routes to and from work every day. I would leave my apartment at 8:20 to walk to the bus stop, catch the first bus at 8:25, and then catch the second bus at 8:35. I would then get off of the bus near my work and follow a specific route while walking 2 blocks to my office. One day as I was returning home, I got off the bus and took a look at the sidewalk ahead of me. Suddenly, a thought popped into mind:

“It doesn’t matter if you walk, skip, jump, crawl, hop, or fly home. You will still reach the same destination. How you decide to get there is up to you.”

This thought is pretty profound, and it can apply to everything in life. How many times have you thought that you have to do things a certain way when in reality there are millions of ways that you can do it? Do you always wear your hair a certain way because it is the only way you think people will like you? Or maybe you feel that you must move to New York or L.A. to become a famous musician. Perhaps you could start your own YouTube channel from your home and promote your music that way?

Tweet: “If you keep an open mind, you will open up numerous avenues for new ideas and new adventures.” -@slyspeaksblog

Today, take a moment to do differently. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do you always drive the same route straight home? Try stopping by that cute coffee shop that you always pass before you reach your home. You never know who you’ll meet!
  • Are you trying to meet new people but your current approach isn’t working? Try signing up for some dance classes or groups in your area.
  • Always eating the same lunch? Grab a coworker or good friend and scope out a new cafe.

Comment Below: What patters have you found yourself stuck in lately? What is something that you are going to try to “do differently” today? Have you ever stumbled upon something really cool when you decided to try something new?

#SelfCareFeb continues tomorrow with Days 12-14: Treat Yourself


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