#SelfCareFeb Days 12-14: Treat Yourself

With this weekend being Valentine’s Day, I felt that it would be a perfect weekend for you to do something special for yourself whether you are single or partnered up. Although Valentine’s Day has become somewhat of a hokey commercial holiday, you don’t the permission of the day on a calendar to celebrate self love and acceptance.  I have never actually watched an episode of “Parks and Recreation,” but I came across the iconic “Treat yo self” video on YouTube and it was the funniest clip that I had seen in a while.  In the video they focus on mostly material purchases, but there are plenty of free and low cost options that you can try.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Stop By a Discount Department Store: You don’t have to go out and spend loads of money to do something nice for yourself. My favorite places to shop are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory. They have many unique clothing items and also house ware items. I got this really cute bronze lotus flower candle holder for only $3 the other day, and I love it!lotus

2. Make Your Favorite Meal:  I am a breakfast food fiend, and I am obsessed with anything that has carbs in it. My favorite things to make are blueberry and banana pancakes and also crepes with a berry compote. The ingredients are low cost, and they are super fun to make.

3. Watch a Movie: I suggest going out to the movies, even if it is by yourself! I see movies by myself all the time. It is not as scary as you might think it is. You can get the best seats because you don’t need to look for two or more seats right next to each other, you don’t have to share your popcorn, and you can actually see the movie that you want to see because you don’t have to compromise with someone else. That qualifies as #winning in my book! If you can’t go out to the movies, watch some free movies on YouTube or sort through your DVD collection to find your favorites.

4. Netflix: Self explanatory.  Some binge-worthy shows that I am currently obsessed with: The Blacklist, The Fall, and Gilmore Girls.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, enjoy it! Everyone deserves a treat once in a while and you are no exception.

Comment Below: How will you treat yourself this weekend? Which show should I binge watch next on Netflix?

#SelfCareFeb continues on Monday with Day 15: Discover New Music


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