#SelfCareFeb Day 17: Make Meals Count

#SelfCareFeb Day 17

Have you ever been curious about eating a certain way? Have you been interested in exploring adding new superfoods to your diet, going vegan, or trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies? Today’s #SelfCareFeb is all about food exploration, and making the most of your meal choices. I was Pescetarian for about a year and a half. This meant that I ate seafood and eggs, but I didn’t eat other meat products such as beef, pork, and chicken. I also didn’t eat any milk products because I have a dairy allergy. I had been interested in being a vegetarian or a vegan for probably the past 10 years, but I never followed through with it because my mothers cooking revolved around meat. However once I moved out on my own, I was able to eat the way that I wanted to eat. I lived next door to a Whole Foods, so planning meals and eating Pescetarian was a piece of cake.

However, when I moved to the South five months ago, I found myself eating chicken again, even though I really didn’t want to. I live in a fairly rural area where BBQ is king, and the meat-free options are lacking. My city is also far from any natural water sources, so the seafood selection is quite questionable. I started eating chicken again because even though I was eating fruits and veggies, my options are limited compared to what I could buy on the East coast and  I found myself to be really hungry all of the time.

I have been thinking about going fully Vegan . It seems to just keep coming up and my body is craving lighter foods now that the weather is getting warmer. I follow so many Vegan Youtubers, my favorite Instagrammers are Vegans, and many of the recipes that I pin on Pinterest just happen to be Vegan. I know that it would require a lot of planning. I would have to visit up to 4 different grocery stores each week to purchase all of the different foods that I need. It would take a lot of work, but I am determined to make it work.

Paying attention to what you eat is an important part of self care because food is the fuel that keeps you going every day. If you eat food that is not in harmony with what your body needs, you will experience all kinds of adverse effects including feeling sluggish, becoming bloated, and gaining weight.

So today, think about what you are putting into your body each day and find some new nourishing recipes to try. I highly recommend sites like Pinterest and Foodgawker. The recipes are easy to follow and you can create your own recipe favorites list. You can also follow my recipe board on Pinterest. The recipes are about 80% vegetarian/vegan with the remaining 20% consisting of fish and chicken. I also hope to add some recipes of my own to SlySpeaks.com soon!

Comment Below: Have you ever tried a vegan or vegetarian diet? What are your favorite sources for finding recipes?

#SelfCareFeb continues tomorrow with Day 18: Power Up


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