#SelfCareFeb Day 18: Power Up

#SelfCareFeb Day 18

Your surroundings are a direct reflection of your life. If you live in a cluttered and unorganized environment, chances are that you are frazzled, have a ton of things on your to-do list, and are stressed out. Have you ever noticed that right after you sweep the floor of your kitchen or vacuum your carpet, your energy and the energy in that room feel completely transformed and renewed? That is because when you clean or organize, you make space for new energy to flow into your life. Today’s #SelfCareFeb is for those of you who need to get more organized but often find yourself pressed for time. It is a strategy that I call Power Up.

No matter how busy you are, Power Up will work for you. Everyone has a task that they hate. I have a friend who hates doing laundry and another friend who can’t be bothered to open their mail. As for me, I absolutely hate organizing my bathroom counter.

Here is the strategy for Power Up. You will need:

1. A timer

2. Some Music

3. A chore that needs to be completed

All you have to do is spend exactly five minutes on your chore. No more, no less. After five minutes, you are allowed to drop whatever you are doing, even if you are in the middle of it, and walk away.

The trick to Power Up is that the hardest part of completing any task that you dislike is getting started. Once you get started and spend at least five minutes, you will actually find it hard to walk away because positive momentum will be in full swing, and you’ll be more likely to complete the task. I used Power Up to make my bed just now. It took me less than five minutes so then I looked around for something else to work on. Next thing I knew I was sorting my laundry and re-organizing my closet.

Here are some things that you could use Power Up to complete:

  • Starting a load of laundry
  • Following up on a few e-mails
  • Loading the dishwasher
  • Making the grocery list

Comment Below: Did you try to Power Up? What were you able to accomplish?

#SelfCareFeb continues tomorrow with Days 19-21: Expand Your Tribe


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