#SelfCareFeb Day 23: Give

#SelfCareFeb Day 23

We are in the home stretch! I can’t believe February is almost over. Today’s #SelfCareFeb challenge is to take some time out to see where you could give more in your life. I am not talking about financial giving here. I’m focusing on the gift of your time. Ask your self how can you take a moment out of your day or create some regular time in your schedule to give selflessly to another.  Much like yesterday’s post on practicing gratitude, staying in a mindset of giving can produce positive returns for you. When you give from a pure positive intention, the Universe will always reward you in one way or another. Have you ever done something for someone and then later when you found yourself in that same situation, someone helped you out? I have seen this happen time and time again in my life, whether it happened the next day or several years later. Helping others is an instant mood booster and it helps you step outside of your ego.

I consider myself an old soul, and I love hanging out with elderly people. I have been this way since I was a child. If I went to a party or a wedding with my parents, rather than hanging out with the other kids, I would be having conversations with the grandparent’s in the room. I love hearing their stories and learning about their lives. I would love to find an opportunity locally where I can volunteer at a senior center or a nursing home. I plan on moving pretty soon and I think it would be pretty bad to start volunteering now and then have to leave them in a few months, but I’ll still look into it and see if there are any other ways to volunteer that are suitable for short durations.

Here are a couple of other resources, ways, and ideas to give more:

1. Research local volunteer activities: There are so many organizations and people who need your help! Check out websites like idealist.org and volunteermatch.org. If there is an organization that you particularly admire, check out their website and see what volunteer opportunities they have available.

2. Help out a family member or sibling: Has your loved one been going through a tough time? Lend a helping hand or offer to listen if they need to talk with someone.

3. Pay it forward: If someone holds the door open for you, try holding the door open for the person behind you too. Drop a quarter in the parking meter if you see someone is running low on time. These small gestures will always come back to you full circle, even if you don’t realize when it happens!

Comment Below: What is your favorite way to volunteer? Have you ever “paid it forward?”

#SelfCareFeb continues tomorrow with Day 24: The Handbag Overhaul


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