#SelfCareFeb Day 25: Reflect

#SelfCareFeb Day 25

We are just a few days away from the end of #SelfCareFeb. This series has definitely been a learning experience, and I have enjoyed reading your comments and connecting with you all! Today, we are going to re-visit some questions that I asked at the beginning of the month in relation to self-care. Now that you have had a month full of #selfcarefeb challenges, let’s see how far we’ve come and what we still want to work on as we continue to incorporate self-care into our daily lives.

These questions are a bit different from the ones that I presented here. I have included my responses below. Feel free to share your responses to any or all of these questions in the comments section!

A) What have you learned about self-care?

I have learned that self-care can be incorporated into anything! It doesn’t have to be a specific day or time set aside to do a specific activity. I used to think that self-care meant that you had to book an expensive spa day, but now I see that self-care can be as easy as choosing to drink a cup of herbal tea each day or making time to cook a meal that I was craving.

B) What was your favorite #selfcarefeb challenge?

My favorite challenge was a tie between Power Up and Do Differently. Power Up is surprisingly effective! It comes in really handy when I sit down to write a blog post. Sometimes I really don’t feel like writing but after I type for five minutes I don’t want to stop writing! Do Differently allowed me to discover some really cool new places in town. I found a really cute Pho restaurant nearby and I will be stopping by there regularly. I actually think that the final challenge, Plan an Epic Adventure, will end up being my favorite though. I’m itching to take another international trip!

C) What are some quotes that empower you to take better care of yourself?

I shared a couple of my own quotes here and here [you can also view them on my twitter page!] But my favorite quote about self-care is from a book that I read recently, “A Gift From The Sea.” It is a story about a mother/writer who rented a beach house to find herself again and escape from the pressures of the world. She talks about how she was walking on a beach, and noticed that a sea animal had abandoned it’s shell. She reflects on this by saying, “…No, one cannot go back to that tightly closed world. One has grown too big, too many-sided, for that rigidly symmetrical shell.” How gorgeous is that quote! Self-Care means expansion, growth, and recognition that you too have room to grow and flourish.

D) What hobbies or creative activities have you discovered or re-discovered throughout #selfcarefeb?

Writing! I have gotten my love for writing back. It feels so good to get all of these thoughts out of my head and onto the internet and paper. I have written a lot of poems over the past few weeks as well. I’m considering compiling all of my poems into a short book. They all seem to be following a similar theme, so this might be a really awesome opportunity to share my writing with others.

I also learned a lot about graphic design over #selfcarefeb. I went from not even knowing how to edit a picture to creating my own graphics. Pretty cool, huh?

I also did quite a bit of traveling over the month. I went to Austin, TX and Houston, TX. Posts on these are coming soon!

E) How do you feel after implementing all (or some) of these self care activities?

Great! Some challenges were more difficult than others, but some were tons of fun. I especially loved connecting with other bloggers during the month.

I definitely want to make #selfcarefeb an annual event. Subscribe via WordPress or by entering your e-mail address to the right to stay up to date with new posts here on SlySpeaks!

Comment Below: How did #selfcarefeb go for you? Was there a challenge that I didn’t include that you really wanted to see?

There is still one challenge to go! Stop by tomorrow for the final days of #SelfCareFeb. Days 26-28: Plan an Epic Adventure


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