Five Things I Learned From Blogging Daily for a Month

Blogging Daily

When I decided to do #SelfCareFeb last month, my primary motivation was to get back into the swing of writing. I had gone over a year without writing on my blog, and I needed a way to re-ignite the habit of content creation. I learned a few things about myself and my creative process along the way, and I’m sure these key points may help you as well, whether you are a blogger, a creative, or an entrepreneur.

1. Decide What Posting Frequency Works Best For You: Some bloggers post new content 7 days a week. Some do just the weekdays, and some post only once a week. Posting every day (well technically I posted the content for the weekends in advance, but I still provided content for each day) was definitely an interesting experience, but I sometimes felt that writing each post was a chore. In order to put out a post each day, I felt like I threw in topics that I wasn’t that interested in. Rather than feeling the pressure to post every day, I would rather stick to a posting frequency that is sustainable for me, but that also allows me to put out quality content. I’m thinking every other day would work well for me. As for right now, I have quite a bit of time on my hands so daily posts will continue for the time being.

2. Be Consistent: When I first started this blog, my posts would range from technology, to recipes, to books, etc. I didn’t really have a niche. Blogging every day let me see which topics I naturally gravitated towards, which is an inspirational, spiritual, motivational, and health and wellness type vibe. I definitely want to work on cutting down the amount of categories on my blog and gearing more towards those topics.

3. Connections are Important: I got the most visitors on my blog when I visited other bloggers and left comments. If you comment on your favorite blogs, you will find that the readers of those blogs will most likely be drawn to your content as well, since “like attracts like.” Don’t be afraid to promote your work and to connect with like minded people.

4. Graphics Matter: I never used to care about that pictures that I uploaded to my blog. I would take photos with my grainy iPhone camera or insert a picture that had absolutely nothing to do with the post I was writing. Now I take time to add thoughtful pictures and graphics that I have edited. I add text explaining the context of the picture, upload the pictures to Pinterest, and also watermark my own original photography. As the weather gets warmer, I will definitely spend more time outdoors taking photos for my blog so that I have a good inventory to choose from as I go to write my blog posts.

5. Post it Anyway!: There were so many times where I would write a post and then want to erase it completely. I felt like no one would want to read it or that it was too “New-Agey” and people would think I was a complete weirdo. Well guess what? The posts that I originally wanted to delete ended up being the most popular posts on my blog! If I had never posted them, I would have never believed that whatever I write has value to someone, even if it doesn’t resonate with every single person.

Overall, it is still a learning process, but I hope to keep refining this blog. I love motivating others through my writing, and as they say, practice makes perfect.

Comment Below: What are your favorite blogs? What keeps you coming back to read them?


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