A Lesson on Patience

A Lesson on Patience

If you are dealing with hardship or waiting for something to come to pass, just remember that it only takes one.

No matter how many application you have submitted, how many hours you spent crafting the perfect cover letters and painstakingly formatting your resume, and how many rejections you have faced, just know that it only takes one returned phone call or e-mail to turn your situation around.

If your heart has been broken and you feel that you couldn’t possibly ever love again, know that it takes just one person to break down the walls that you’ve built to guard your fragile heart, and allow you to to let someone else into your life.

You’ve looked at a million different homes or apartments, and just can’t seem to find one that feels like home. It takes just one new listing to connect you with your new humble abode.

Surrender, be patient, and keep the faith. Your one moment will find you at the right time.


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