February 2015 Favorites

February Favorites

I am slowly making the transition to all natural beauty products and have been having fun seeking out new products to try. My goal is to streamline the amount of products that I use and have a more minimalist approach to buying beauty products. I have also been re-visiting some books in my book collection and finally getting around to unpacking some of things from my move last year. Here are my favorite things from February 2015.

February Favorite Products

1. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay: I don’t remember when I bought this book, but I got it after I had seen it mentioned almost 10 times to me in a short span of time by different people. The basic premise of the book is that “negative” things in your life are caused by some thought or prevalent pattern going on in your life. For example, Hay suggests that tooth problems are caused by indecisiveness and that fevers are caused by anger.  I can see how this book could be controversial, especially for people who may have been born with certain illnesses, but I find the content to be fascinating.

2. Acacia Wooden Teabag Holder from World Market: I love having a cup of tea each day and I had tons of teabags littering my cabinet, by bag, and my counter tops. I needed a storage solution but could not seem to find anything that was affordable and aesthetically pleasing. When I visited my sister in Chicago last Summer, we were browsing through World Market and I stumbled upon this tea box. It is so cute and holds around 40 bags of tea. I love having it on my counter and it makes storing my tea collection so much easier. The best part is that it is only $15!

3. A’Kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil: I was shopping at TJ Maxx and saw this in the beauty aisle. I was on the hunt for a new nighttime moisturizer, and I have heard about the magical healing properties of Rosehip Seed Oil, so I decided to give it a try. It cost less than $10, but retail price is around $20. I use it nightly on slightly damp skin after I wash my face and lightly press it onto my skin. I don’t rub it in, because I have combo/oily skin and I find that it can give me breakouts when I am too heavy handed with it. The scent is kind of gross…kind of like a wet hay smell, but I’m used to it now. After using it for the past four months I have seen a reduction (about 50%) in my hyperpigmentation and my face has a glow to it when I wake up. I also use this sometimes in the morning by adding a drop of the oil to my daily moisturizer. It gives your face a pretty shimmering glow!

4. White Barn Candle in Honeysuckle: I hate floral scents, but I heard someone on YouTube recommend this candle so I went out and bought a small one. When I lit it, my room was enveloped in the most delicious, warm, floral I have ever smelled. It made me want to curl up in a cashmere sweater and never leave my home again. I immediately ran back to Bath and Body Works to buy another one, and I bought the last one. They had discontinued the scent :-(. I don’t want to burn it because I don’t want to use it up because I love it so much, so I just open the jar every once in a while to smell it. I will work up the courage to burn it one day, but for now, it is sitting pretty on my windowsill.

5. Mask of Magnaminty by Lush: I am pretty cheap when it comes to face masks. I was an avid user of Queen Helene’s Mint Mask, but I was lured into the Lush store at the mall and this was the only face mask that wasn’t sold out. I opened it to smell it and it smelled like a Thin Mint cookie. I was sold. I let my mom give it a sniff and she looked pretty unimpressed with it. Fast forward a week and she has stolen it from me and has been hoarding it for herself. I really love the way the mask feels minty on your face, and when you wash it off your skin is left soft and supple and not dry. It also has scrubby particles in it to give you a bit of exfoliation.

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2 thoughts on “February 2015 Favorites

  1. Me and you are so similar! I LOVE all of these favourite things! Yogi tea is the best. I used to drink it everyday when I lived in the USA. I have such “strong” memories of it bringing me much comfort! Thank you for floating into my world today beauty x

    • So glad that you enjoyed! I lived next door to a Whole Foods Market and they always had Yogi Tea on sale. It led to an unhealthy obsession with collecting one of every box of tea lol. Their Skin Detox tea is so yummy!

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