Books I’m Reading This Month (March 2015)

March 2015 Reading

I have a habit of reading multiple books at a time. Does anyone else do this? This started when I was in elementary school and there was a program called “Book It.” The more books you read, the more points you would earn, and the top reader in the class would earn a free Pizza Hut pizza and other prizes. Bribery at its finest. But hey, it worked! Here are a few books that I am reading this month.


  • The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt: I saw this book recommended on everyone’s 2014 “Must Read” lists, so I decided to check it out from my local library via my Kindle. The book was so popular that I was #600 on the waiting list! It took me nearly four months to finally receive my copy. The book is crazy long, so I was originally daunted by how long it would take me to finish it. I read the first few chapters but found myself getting bored. However, around chapter 4, something really interesting happened, so I’m suddenly obsessed with finding out how it all plays out.
  • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield: You may know him as the guy behind the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, but Jack Canfield is a smart business man with a wealth of knowledge. He was also featured in the film, “The Secret” where he discussed how he was able to attract fame and fortune into his life. This book is a compilation of all of the knowledge that he has gained over his lifetime. The book is almost 500 pages long, but every single page is packed to the brim with helpful exercises, tips, and his own firsthand experiences. I read a few chapters but I find myself going back to the beginning to start all over again to make sure that I am really understanding everything that I am reading. There is so much information in this book that I will definitely have to break out my highlighters and start making notes in the margins (something that I have never done. I like to keep my books nice and pristine!)
  • Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith: I was browsing through a local chain of a used book store here in town and as I was sorting through a shelf, this book really stood out to me. I pulled it off the shelf and realized that I have had this book on my Amazon wish list for probably eight years but it would keep going in and out of print so I never bought it. Now I finally have my hands on it. If you couldn’t tell by now by reading my blog, I am very much into holistic wellness and various spiritual topics. This particular book is about chakras (which are energy centers throughout the body). Talk about chakras is more prevalent in Eastern medicine, but this book demonstrates how Westerners can learn to access chakras and create their own practice related to them. This book is also 500 pages (not sure why I picked three long books to read in one month!) but I’m excited to finally read it.

Comment Below: What books are you reading this month? Have you read any of the aforementioned books?


3 thoughts on “Books I’m Reading This Month (March 2015)

  1. I have not read any of the books you mentioned. I am really drawn to self help books but I end up buying them and not finishing them.
    I try not to read more than 2 books at the same time. I have been reading The Fault in Our Stars for about 5 months, I just can’t seem to finish it. I think it’s because it’s not an action packed book. This month, I am trying audible for the first time, which is interesting. I joined an online book club and the book they are reading is called Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. It’s a fiction book about a lawyer who takes on death row cases. It has been really depressing at some points and has solidified my opinion about the death penalty in this country. I hope the end of the book has some redemption involved for some of the cases the lawyer has taken.

    • The Fault in Our Stars was kind of slow, but I ended up reading it in one day because I wanted to finish it before I saw the movie! I’ll have to check out the book you talked about. I just checked on Amazon and it has a solid 5 star rating.

      • Yea I’m not really interested in the movie. I am almost finished with “Just Mercy,” it definitely made me more aware of these grave injustices that happen on a daily basis. Kind of a sad book overall, but I will definitely be looking for another fiction book to “listen” to next month. It makes my commute more enjoyable.

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