Match Your Actions to Your Intentions

Match Your Actions to Your Intentions
If there is something that you really want, you have to be honest with yourself and ask, “Am I working towards this goal 100%, or am I being sidetracked?” People often say that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, but I beg to differ. In some cases, it is definitely necessary.  When you put your focus on something, it increases. Therefore, why are you distracting yourself with other things when your eye should be on your ultimate goal?For example, I have known for the past five years that I wanted to go to graduate school. After graduation from undergrad, I got a job and only planned to be there for a year. However, once I got the job, I started to make excuses as to why I needed to keep working before going to graduate school. My ego told me that I needed money to pay for school, I needed work experience, and that I should enjoy living the post-grad life in a big city. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t necessarily enjoying my job and I felt that I wanted to learn new skills, but I still wasn’t taking any action towards my goal of attending school.

While I continued to work 45-50 hr weeks with all of the meetings and weekend events that I had to attend as part of my job, I made a few futile attempts at applying to graduate school. I bought all of the books to study for the admissions exam, but I kept letting work get in the way of actually sitting down and studying for the test. Rather than quitting my job or taking some time off to buckle down and get my applications in, I decided that I needed to apply for a different job that wasn’t as strenuous. Once again, I postponed applying to school and decided to dedicate my free time to job hunting.

It took a series of unfortunate events (I’ll talk about this next week!) to get me to finally buckle down and get my applications completed. I’m happy to say that I’ll be attending graduate school in the Fall, but the road to this point was NOT easy. I learned the hard way that the Universe will give you results proportionate to the amount of effort that you put in. No more, and no less.

Tweet: “What is it that you really truly want and what actions have you taken lately to get you there?” – @slyspeaksblog

Are you saying that you want to find your one true love and get into a stable relationship but the only date you have on your calendar is your weekly Netflix binge?

Do you sit around and complain to your coworkers about how much you hate your job but you haven’t submitted a single application to another company?

Have you been dreaming of taking a trip overseas but you haven’t even applied for a passport?

Your actions have to match your intentions!

Ask yourself what you can do today to get you moving in the directions of your dreams.

Comment Below: What have you been putting off working towards? Did you have an experience where you finally put in the work to get something done, and had amazing results?


13 thoughts on “Match Your Actions to Your Intentions

  1. Loved this post! This is something I constantly struggle with. I truly honestly want a lot of changes with regards to health, work, travel and other stuff and I do start off taking a step in the right direction but I tend to usually lose focus and unintentionally abandon it (even though I truly do want it!) For this reason, I have started the event Take-A-Step Thursday on my blog which involves taking one positive step towards what you really are inspired to do. I am taking baby steps towards little things initially but I think it’s a good starting point to get the motivation and push to do bigger things. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post and would love to read more of such inspirational stuff ! Cheers, Tx 🙂

  2. This post came at the right time. Im one of those ppl that say “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” for fear of being dissappointed but you’re saying the universe won’t let me down if I focus on what I want. I’ll use this to guide my thoughts this week, great post Sylvia.

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  4. There is such an important lesson here about focus. I’ve often got too many projects going at once because I think to myself “only one has to pay off, and then I’ll be fine”, but this does also mean that perhaps I don’t give enough attention to each individual venture. I decided to start putting all my eggs in one basket last year, and from that I got my first short story published in a magazine! From my experience, the key is to be patient, focus on one thing at a time, and give it your all. Although I am still learning how to do that 😀

    • Awesome example, Laura! I’m addicted to multi-tasking, but I too have found that I get so much more accomplished when I buckle down and focus on one thing. By the way, your poetry is absolutely lovely! Keep up the great work!

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