Mindful Monday: Everything is Energy

Mindful Monday_ Everything is Energy

Let’s talk about energy. Everything we encounter each day consists of energy. Earrings have a certain energetic frequency, the desk you sit at is made of atoms with their own energy, and even your dog has its own unique energy. You (the reader) consist of energy as well. The important thing to note about energy and energetic frequencies is that energy is constantly changing. It is a natural fact of life. It is often said that “The only constant in life is change.” The question is: Do you recognize that you have the ability to influence and change energy?

Have you heard of the butterfly effect? It is the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings in, lets say Arizona, could cause a hurricane in Thailand. This theory insists that any small change can effect change on a larger scale.

The main thing that I see everyday is that people do not realize that they have the ability to shape the world around them. They keep waiting for life to “happen to them” rather than realizing that they have the ability to go out there and make life happen. A series of actions in the direction of your dreams will help you build enough energy and momentum to make it happen for you.

In my life, I like to think of it as an energetic bank account. There are certain things that will add to the bank account, and certain things that will detract from it. What kind of energy are you putting into your account? Are you constantly swearing, screaming, and high strung? Then you will continue to attract situations that will match that frequency. Do you find reasons to laugh and be light-hearted? Then the Universe will continue to send things your way that will keep you laughing. It is all about perspective. Choose to see everything from a positive energetic standpoint.

This was my attempt at squeezing a very big concept into a concise blog post, but I’ll continue to elaborate on it as the weeks go on. I have enough content in my head to write a book about how people can learn to positively influence the energy in their lives, but that is another project for another day 🙂

Comment Below: Do you believe that people have the ability to influence the situations in their life? Have you ever seen positive results from changing your perspective on a situation?


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