Dealing with Unemployment in Your Twenties – A Series

Dealing W_Unemployment in Your 20's

Your twenties are all about finding yourself. You explore new career paths, new cities, and new relationships. You become a master at how to cook your favorite dish, you learn new words such as “healthcare premium” and “401K”, and you dream of the day when you will never have to co-sign a lease with a roommate again (drama.drama.drama!).

For some of us, however, our twenties turned into finding ourselves…on a plane, on our way back to our parents’ house because we were handed a pink slip or layoff notice at our place of employment. Or maybe your unemployment was an unexpected choice. Perhaps you couldn’t deal with the office drama for one more moment or didn’t feel challenged with the work that was expected of you and you quietly put in your two weeks notice despite not having anything else lined up. Or perhaps you just grabbed your personal items off your desk, threw up the peace sign (or other choice fingers), and ran out the front door with no regrets (I dreamed of doing this many times!).

I have kind of alluded to my current circumstances in past posts, but I was never really ready to talk about my unemployment. I really didn’t even want to write this post but it has been haunting me for weeks. During my meditations and journaling, I would always get messages that telling my story would help a lot of other people going through similar situations, so I might as well lay it all out on the line.

Over the next few weeks I am going to talk about how to cope with unemployment and how it all came about. I have learned a lot over this time and have experienced a lot of hard lessons. Here is a little outline of what to expect. Subscribe or follow my blog using WordPress to stay up to date with the series.

Part 1: My Unemployment Story

Part 2: The Aftermath

Part 3: The Lessons

Part 4: Tips I Would Give to Anyone Who is Facing Unemployment

Note: This series isn’t only for people in their twenties. Unemployment does not discriminate based on age and you or someone you know could be affected by it at any time. This content applies to everyone!

Comment Below: Is there anything related to unemployment that you would like me to talk about during this series? Leave your questions or comments below!


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