Five Important Documentaries to Watch on Netflix


With all of the negative news bombarding our television screens, I tend to avoid watching TV at all, other than watching Pretty Little Liars, The Blacklist, and Big Brother. I spend a lot of time browsing the Netflix documentary section to learn some new things and expand my horizons. Here is a list of the five documentaries that I have watched so far that I have completely changed my viewpoint on certain things in life.

While I watched most of these on Netflix, many of them are available for free on Youtube and Hulu. I will link to them if possible.

1. God Grew Tired of Us
This movie had a huge impact on me. It was devastating to the point where I was sobbing and having trouble breathing. As moving and informative as this movie is, I could never watch it again because it was so troubling. The movie follows a group of men who were part of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan who were displaced due to a mass genocide that was occurring. The men had the opportunity to come to the United States in search of a better life. The story shows their struggles with acclimating to their new life in America, being away from their loved ones, and dealing with the mental trauma that they experienced in Sudan. I highly recommend this film but just be forewarned, it is a tear-jerker.

Hulu link to the full movie:

2. The Beautiful Truth
This movie was probably the first documentary I ever watched on Netflix, and it completely blew my mind. I discovered this movie in college, back when I was first getting interested in holistic living and alternative medicine. This movie questions everything that we have ever known to be true in modern medicine and explores treating illnesses naturally through dietary changes. The content is controversial, but it is interesting nonetheless.


3. Who Killed the Electric Car?
I found this documentary absolutely fascinating. In the mid-90’s, the auto companies had rolled out the electric car. The most famous one was created by GM and it was called the EV1. Compared to today’s hybrid cars, the EV1 was pretty much perfect, and could go a very long range between charges and had a barely visible carbon footprint. The car was wildly popular. However, the EV1 was removed from the market and all of the cars were destroyed. This documentary looks at the collapse of the electric car from the perspective of the auto industry, the government, oil and gas companies, and the consumers. Why was the electric car abruptly pulled from the market and why are automakers so reluctant to bring electric cars back to the market? You’ll have to watch this documentary to find out.


4. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
This documentary is uplifting and inspiring. The documentary follows Jiro, a master sushi maker in Japan. It chronicles his life, how he started his business, and how he has mentored others, including his son, to carry on the legacy of creating expertly crafted sushi. This documentary teaches the importance of work ethic, developing your own signature brand, and having confidence in your abilities.


5. Food Inc.
If you have to choose one movie to absolutely watch on this list, make sure you watch this one! Food Inc explores the commercialization of our food, and the negative impact it is having on our health, the earth, and animals. After I watched this movie, I literally threw out every single thing in my kitchen and lived off of water and sun-chips for a week. I went vegan overnight, and couldn’t even stand the sight of meat. I have since become pescetarian (I still eat eggs and seafood), but this movie opened my eyes to how our food industry is in need of a complete overhaul and more regulation.


I have so many more movies to list but this is just a start. I might do a part two later on down the line.

Comment Below: What are your favorite documentaries that you have watched on Netflix (or anywhere?) I would love your suggestions for what to watch next!


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