Five Facts About Me

Five Facts About Me

Time for a fun post. I don’t share a lot about myself in real life, or on the internet, so today I’m going to share five interesting facts about myself. I like getting to know other bloggers on the internet, so I’m going to tag a few people at the end of my post and hopefully you can check out their blogs as well and get to know them too! Here we go…

1. I can’t eat things with filling: My food has to have some kind of texture to it, such as being crunchy or chewy, or else I cannot eat it. Jelly donuts, milky way bars, twinkies, and even pumpkin pie creep me out! They are too mushy.

2. I am always the last to adopt new technology: It takes me forever to catch up on tech trends. I am still going strong with an iPhone 4, I made the switch from a PC to MAC only a few months ago, and I’m still trying to understand what Vine and SnapChat are and why I need to download them.

3. I fly…a lot: I have family spread out all over the US and across four continents, so I am always traveling somewhere. In the past 11 months alone I have stepped on a plane 16 times. It is kind of insane now that I think about it, but I am always on the lookout for good flight deals and I am a member of several frequent flyer miles programs so my flights end up being quite cheap. I was able to fly to San Francisco last year for only $12!

4. I have a photographic memory: I can look at anything and snap a picture of it in my mind. I constantly have to add new music into my song rotations on Spotify and Pandora because it only takes me a couple of times listening to a song to memorize it. It get sick of songs really quickly because of this! My memory also comes in handy when I travel. I can find my way pretty much anywhere based on the snapshots of the grid of streets in my mind.

5. I CANNOT swim: I have tried everything. When I was little, my mom put me in swim classes and I failed every single one of them. I kept trying until I was about 12, but when I looked around and saw that every other child at my level in the swim class was a toddler, I quit trying. For some reason, I cannot kick with my feet and paddle with my arms at the same time. I can only do one or the other, lol. I can dog paddle for about 13 seconds max before I start drowning and I am pretty short, so if I am in any water that is taller than five feet, I’m a goner.

I tag these two bloggers:
Thistles and Whistles

I really enjoy reading their blogs and I know that you would too! Even if I didn’t tag you and you want to share five facts about yourself, feel free to do the tag and then link to it in my comments. I would love to check it out.


4 thoughts on “Five Facts About Me

  1. We have some things in common! I’m also weird about textures, but not to the point that I won’t try something new. I remember being in Montreal and trying foie gras, which is duck liver. It was hard but I know that trying new food is part of experiencing a new culture, so I had to give it a try. I generally don’t like donuts with filling, and all the other things that you mentioned so I’m fine without them!
    I got my first iphone this year, it was a major upgrade, and I’m not sure it was for the best! It has its pro’s and cons.
    I wish I was flying more, but #work. Definitely want to change that around soon!
    Thanks for sharing and tagging me! I’ll add that post to the list!

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