#MindfulMonday: Mid-Year Check In

Mindful Monday_ Mid-Year Check In

We are halfway through 2015! When I was a kid, the days always felt like they dragged on and on. I would go outside to play and staying outside for 3 hours would feel like I was outside for half a day. Now, it seems like I’ll look at the clock and then by the time I look at it again hours have elapsed when it has only felt like 5-10 minutes have gone by. Time is literally in fast forward mode. So much has happened over the past 4 weeks or so that I haven’t updated this blog (sorry not sorry).1. I got a job (finally!) …that I quit a week later because it was shady as all get out. Don’t judge me. It is worthy of its own blog post, so I’ll talk about that soon.

2. I got another job. It is part-time and it is retail. It isn’t the most awesome job in the world, but at least I get to get out of the house for a few hours a week and I don’t plan on being there for long anyways because…

3. I am getting ready to move soon! I am looking at apartments online, but I’ll have to make a 6 hour drive to go and visit the places in person.

4. I joined Snapchat and I am slowly learning how to use it

5. I am doing a major spring cleaning of my computer, closet, and belongings. It am basically getting rid of half of everything I own.

Other than that, I am working new content for this blog. I am going back to school soon and I am not going to have as much free time to write. As such, I’m going to spend the next two months creating a lot of content and then scheduling it out so that posts will regularly go up on this site, rather than me posting sporadically. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, or have just stumbled upon it today, which of my posts have been your favorites? What would you like to see more of? Feel free to comment below.

How is your 2015 going so far? Is there anything that you resolved to do at the beginning of the year that you still need to get started on? Comment Below!


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