#SelfCareFeb Day 17: Make Meals Count

#SelfCareFeb Day 17

Have you ever been curious about eating a certain way? Have you been interested in exploring adding new superfoods to your diet, going vegan, or trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies? Today’s #SelfCareFeb is all about food exploration, and making the most of your meal choices. Continue reading


Recipe: Smoked Salmon Open Faced Sandwich

I have a passion for healthy eating and I am always on the hunt for simple yet tasty recipes to prepare each day. I came across a variation of this sandwich a few months ago on Youtube, but I added some ingredients to make it more filling for when I eat it for lunch or dinner.  I eat this at least once a week and it takes less than five minutes to prepare if you have all of the ingredients on hand. There are several fun ways to prepare this recipe. See below for variations.

Smoked Salmon Open Faced Sandwich (One serving size)

You Will Need:

1 “Sandwich Thins” Multi-Grain Roll

Smoked Salmon

1/2 of an Avocado, sliced, chopped, or mashed

1 Roma Tomato, sliced

1 teaspoon of Fresh Lemon Juice

Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste (not pictured)


1. Take one sandwich thin multi-grain roll and split it in half. This will give you two slices.

2.  Take your avocado and distribute it evenly between the two slices of the roll.

3. Take your tomato slices and distribute them evenly on the two slices of the roll.

4. Take out one serving of smoked salmon from the packet and distribute it evenly on the two slices of the roll. (You can freeze the rest in a ziploc bag and use it up later)

5. Drizzle the top of the salmon with lemon juice

6. Grind some fresh black pepper over the top of the completed sandwich.

7. Enjoy!

– Make it vegan/vegetarian friendly by omitting the smoked salmon and adding a crumbled meat-substitute patty on top (I like to use Morningstar Farms’ Black Bean Veggie Burger Patty).

– Use a chopped hard boiled egg instead of the smoked salmon (smoked salmon can be high in sodium so a boiled egg is a great substitute).

– Sprinkle on some flax seed or very good quality extra virgin olive oil.

– Jazz up your avocado by adding diced red onions and some cilantro (or guacamole if you have some).

– Lightly toast the sandwich rolls in a toaster to give the sandwich a crunchy texture.

-Add mayonnaise or your favorite sandwich toppings.
Let me know if you try this recipe!


Rittenhouse Park (Taken with my Instagram)

I am a planner. Not in terms of my occupation, but in terms of my mindset. I’m that annoying person who always has to know “Who, what, where, when, and why.”  I hate surprises. Not knowing is not an option for me.  It makes me quite anxious. When I go on vacation, I am not able to relax unless I have a full itinerary planned out and Google Maps directions ready to go for each destination. Yes, it is that bad.

This morning, I knew that I had to buy a dress for one of my best friend’s upcoming wedding, so I picked out several stores to visit and got ready to head out the door. Right when I was putting on my sandals, one of my friends texted me to let me know that her phone was on the fritz, and that she was wondering if I was headed to Center City (Downtown Philadelphia) so that we could meet up and so that she could get her phone fixed at the phone store. She would not be able to call me once she got to Center City since her phone was not working, so I let her know the names of the 3 stores that I would be visiting and had her write down my number so that if she was able to find a phone, she could call me. She assured me that she would would somehow find me when she got there. My friend is very much the opposite of me. She is very free-spirited and has a “go with the flow mentality.” She was confident that she would be able to find me, but I was not so sure.

I was stressing out big time. I hated not knowing how I was going to find her and how she was going to try and find me without a phone.  Long story short, she was able to borrow a phone, and ended up being in the same building that I was in. Things worked out after all! We spent hours meandering  around the city, spending entirely too much money at Macy’s, stumbling upon a huge fountain at a park, and sitting on a park bench eating water ice (It is kind of like a sno cone).

Rita’s Water Ice (Taken with my Instagram)

I guess all of this is my long winded way of saying that it doesn’t hurt to go without a plan every once in a while. In my mind, going without a plan guarantees that everything is bound to go wrong, but today proved me wrong.  I ended up having a great day and I got some shoes. (Ok, several pairs of cute shoes.)  Are you up for some adventure in your life? Throw out that to-do list and see where your day takes you. Let me know how it works out for you.