How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

I grew up primarily in the 90’s, and every episode of “Captain Planet” and the recycling episode of “Rocko’s Modern Life” (who else remembers that episode??) transformed me into an hippie boho airy fairy Earth child. Recycling, conserving water, and living a more sustainable life became super important to me. As I have gotten older, my passion for treading lightly on Mother Earth has only grown stronger. There are some simple life hacks that I implement in my daily life that are hopefully contributing positively to Earth. Here are five of them: Continue reading


#SelfCareFeb Day 17: Make Meals Count

#SelfCareFeb Day 17

Have you ever been curious about eating a certain way? Have you been interested in exploring adding new superfoods to your diet, going vegan, or trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies? Today’s #SelfCareFeb is all about food exploration, and making the most of your meal choices. Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Day 9: Get Moving!

Today’s challenge is pretty self explanatory, but exercise is key to practicing self care. It helps you de-stress, burn some calories, and keep your body healthy. There are a million ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life, but the key to making it a habit is to do activities that you enjoy.

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