February 2015 Favorites

February Favorites

I am slowly making the transition to all natural beauty products and have been having fun seeking out new products to try. My goal is to streamline the amount of products that I use and have a more minimalist approach to buying beauty products. I have also been re-visiting some books in my book collection and finally getting around to unpacking some of things from my move last year. Here are my favorite things from February 2015. Continue reading


Five Things I Learned From Blogging Daily for a Month

Blogging Daily

When I decided to do #SelfCareFeb last month, my primary motivation was to get back into the swing of writing. I had gone over a year without writing on my blog, and I needed a way to re-ignite the habit of content creation. I learned a few things about myself and my creative process along the way, and I’m sure these key points may help you as well, whether you are a blogger, a creative, or an entrepreneur. Continue reading

Mindful Monday: Taking Inspired Action

Inspired Action(1)

2015 so far has definitely been an upgrade from 2014! Last year was just a hot mess all around, and I experienced more changes over those 12 months than I ever had before in my life. In 2015, I have had a lot of exciting opportunities come up during January and February. These were the results of the efforts that I made to put more things into action and setting and reaching concrete goals. The results have been awesome. Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Day 25: Reflect

#SelfCareFeb Day 25

We are just a few days away from the end of #SelfCareFeb. This series has definitely been a learning experience, and I have enjoyed reading your comments and connecting with you all! Today, we are going to re-visit some questions that I asked at the beginning of the month in relation to self-care. Now that you have had a month full of #selfcarefeb challenges, let’s see how far we’ve come and what we still want to work on as we continue to incorporate self-care into our daily lives. Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Day 23: Give

#SelfCareFeb Day 23

We are in the home stretch! I can’t believe February is almost over. Today’s #SelfCareFeb challenge is to take some time out to see where you could give more in your life. I am not talking about financial giving here. I’m focusing on the gift of your time. Ask your self how can you take a moment out of your day or create some regular time in your schedule to give selflessly to another.  Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Days 19-21: Expand Your Tribe

#SelfCareFeb Days 19-21

A few years ago, I was introduced to the book “Tribes” by Seth Godin. The book is all about people’s tendencies to want to belong to groups, whether they be religious, cultural, or hobby-related. Lot’s of people get stuck in the same “tribes” for years, even after they have long outgrown the people within them and do not share the same ideals and aspirations anymore. This weekend’s #selfcarefeb challenge is to expand your current tribe (or create a new one!) by connecting with like-minded people. Continue reading