#SelfCareFeb Day 18: Power Up

#SelfCareFeb Day 18

Your surroundings are a direct reflection of your life. If you live in a cluttered and unorganized environment, chances are that you are frazzled, have a ton of things on your to-do list, and are stressed out. Have you ever noticed that right after you sweep the floor of your kitchen or vacuum your carpet, your energy and the energy in that room feel completely transformed and renewed? That is because when you clean or organize, you make space for new energy to flow into your life. Today’s #SelfCareFeb is for those of you who need to get more organized but often find yourself pressed for time. It is a strategy that I call Power Up. Continue reading


#SelfCareFeb Day 16: Dress Up

#SelfCareFeb Day 16

When was the last time you really got dressed up to go to work (or to do nothing at all?) It can be really easy to get into a fashion rut. When you are pressed for time in the morning, the most logical option is to grab whatever is clean, ensure that each piece is (somewhat) in the same color palette, throw on some comfy shoes and dash out the door. If you work from home, it can be so tempting to lounge in your pajamas all day. Well tonight, I challenge you to put some effort into planning an outfit for tomorrow that will brighten your spirits, dust the cobwebs off your closet, and expand your fashion horizons. Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Days 12-14: Treat Yourself

With this weekend being Valentine’s Day, I felt that it would be a perfect weekend for you to do something special for yourself whether you are single or partnered up. Although Valentine’s Day has become somewhat of a hokey commercial holiday, you don’t the permission of the day on a calendar to celebrate self love and acceptance.  Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Day 11: Do Differently

#SelfCareFeb Day 11

Today’s self care principle is all about adding some variety to your life. We can often get bored with our lives because we stay in our comfort zones and go through our usual routines each day. We rarely do spontaneous things or try something new. Well today, I challenge you to look at something in your life from a new perspective and “do differently.”  Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Day 10: Get it on Paper

For Day 10 of #SelfCareFeb, we are going to cover something simple that has a big impact – writing things down. Getting thoughts, ideas, and feelings out of your mind and onto paper can completely transform your life. Just imagine how many thoughts you have each day. This can include your to-do list, what you want to eat for lunch, vacations you want to take, and so on and so forth. You literally have thousands of thoughts swirling around your head each day. What would happen if you cleared all of those thoughts out of your mind and laid them out on paper?  Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Day 9: Get Moving!

Today’s challenge is pretty self explanatory, but exercise is key to practicing self care. It helps you de-stress, burn some calories, and keep your body healthy. There are a million ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life, but the key to making it a habit is to do activities that you enjoy.

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#SelfCareFeb Day 8: Three O’Clock Tea

We have successfully completed week one of #SelfCareFeb! How did week one go for you? Were there any particular lessons that you found difficult? Did you promise yourself that you would try to do one particular challenge later but never got around to it? Or perhaps you just discovered my website (welcome!) and are starting out with Day 1? #SelfCareFeb is “go at your own pace” so take your time and enjoy! For today’s Mindful Monday I am going to introduce one of my favorite self care practices, which I call “Three O’Clock Tea.”

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