How to Make a Vision Board

Back in elementary school I remember us doing one particular project where we made a collage out of cut-outs from magazines and colorful scrapbook paper. From then on, I collected quotes, pictures, recipes, and clothing inspiration from magazines and catalogs and would make collages,  lookbooks for back to school shopping, and even a portfolio of recipes that I wanted to try.   I use the following method to create a collage or “vision board” to display things that inspire me, things that I would like to try, and exotic locales that I would like to visit.

Many popular gurus  say that to make your dreams come true all you need to do is glue images of what you want to a vision board, place it somewhere where you will be able to see it often, and wait for the things to show up.  In my opinion, a vision board is a great tool for inspiring yourself to try new things, but it isn’t the means by which you achieve your goals. To get what you want, you have to take action! A vision board is a great way for you to outline action steps and to serve as a visual reminder to go after your dreams.  Here is how I make my vision board. Continue reading