#SelfCareFeb: Day 1 – Self Care Intention Setting

Quote Mug

Welcome to the first #MindfulMonday of the month! For the first day of #SelfCareFeb, set your intentions for the month by doing a little bit of goal setting.  You can jot some ideas down on some pretty stationary, type them up on your phone, or scribble them in a journal or diary. Answer the following prompts [it doesn’t need to be super elaborate. Just write whatever comes to your mind]. We will re-visit these questions at the end of the month.

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Self Care February: An Introduction


February is the month that most people reserve for demonstrating how much they care about others. The store shelves are lined with chocolates, heart shaped trinkets, and beautiful bouquets of brightly hued flowers. Much like the holiday season, people tend to get overwhelmed and put unnecessary pressure and expectations on themselves as they try to adequately portray their love/like/appreciation of their loved ones. However, how often do you take time out to show yourself how much you care for yourself? Continue reading

Mindful Monday: The Importance of Creative Outlets

Welcome to Mindful Monday! In this series, I will share some inspiring content to help you start off your week on a high note. This might consist of uplifting photos, motivational articles, or links to videos or other articles that really resonated with me. Be sure to subscribe to my blog by adding your e-mail address in the subscription box to the right to stay up to date with my new posts!

Red Journal

I used to be a firm believer in the idea “Work hard, and then work even harder!” I never really allowed myself much time for fun or creativity because I always felt that I should be doing something “more productive” with my time. This resulted in me being uninspired, burned out, and bored with my life. As I mentioned in my last post, I am making more of an effort to infuse more creativity into my life, namely through writing. I have been writing poems almost daily now, and I am breathing new life into this blog. Having a creative outlet has added new dimensions to my life including:

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Don’t Give Up on Yourself

Manayunk Waterfall

I am embarking on something new and I am on a really strict and compressed timeline for completing it. I have been overcome with stress and fatigue which has led to me developing tension headaches, and they have lasted  anywhere from one to two weeks at a stretch. The fear of failure has been especially overwhelming, because on paper and in my mind I see absolutely no logical way that what I am trying to accomplish can result in a favorable outcome. However, I know that something can only be impossible if you never attempt it, so I am giving it my best shot.

The only thing that I have found that has gotten rid of my headaches, at least temporarily (besides stressing less, haha), is yoga. Continue reading

Create Space for the Things You Love

My desk is a direct reflection of my state of being right now.

My desk is a direct reflection of my state of being right now.

I have visited my blog so many times in the past year. I would start a draft of a post, then promptly delete it while convincing myself that I don’t have time to blog and that my time should be spend doing more important things. My life has been in the craziest state of flux over the past 12 months. I moved AGAIN (more on that later…), I have had to make some really big decisions, and to sum it up, I have felt like the proverbial duck that looks calm above the surface of the water but underneath the surface is paddling furiously to stay afloat.  Continue reading

How to Make a Vision Board

Back in elementary school I remember us doing one particular project where we made a collage out of cut-outs from magazines and colorful scrapbook paper. From then on, I collected quotes, pictures, recipes, and clothing inspiration from magazines and catalogs and would make collages,  lookbooks for back to school shopping, and even a portfolio of recipes that I wanted to try.   I use the following method to create a collage or “vision board” to display things that inspire me, things that I would like to try, and exotic locales that I would like to visit.

Many popular gurus  say that to make your dreams come true all you need to do is glue images of what you want to a vision board, place it somewhere where you will be able to see it often, and wait for the things to show up.  In my opinion, a vision board is a great tool for inspiring yourself to try new things, but it isn’t the means by which you achieve your goals. To get what you want, you have to take action! A vision board is a great way for you to outline action steps and to serve as a visual reminder to go after your dreams.  Here is how I make my vision board. Continue reading


Rittenhouse Park (Taken with my Instagram)

I am a planner. Not in terms of my occupation, but in terms of my mindset. I’m that annoying person who always has to know “Who, what, where, when, and why.”  I hate surprises. Not knowing is not an option for me.  It makes me quite anxious. When I go on vacation, I am not able to relax unless I have a full itinerary planned out and Google Maps directions ready to go for each destination. Yes, it is that bad.

This morning, I knew that I had to buy a dress for one of my best friend’s upcoming wedding, so I picked out several stores to visit and got ready to head out the door. Right when I was putting on my sandals, one of my friends texted me to let me know that her phone was on the fritz, and that she was wondering if I was headed to Center City (Downtown Philadelphia) so that we could meet up and so that she could get her phone fixed at the phone store. She would not be able to call me once she got to Center City since her phone was not working, so I let her know the names of the 3 stores that I would be visiting and had her write down my number so that if she was able to find a phone, she could call me. She assured me that she would would somehow find me when she got there. My friend is very much the opposite of me. She is very free-spirited and has a “go with the flow mentality.” She was confident that she would be able to find me, but I was not so sure.

I was stressing out big time. I hated not knowing how I was going to find her and how she was going to try and find me without a phone.  Long story short, she was able to borrow a phone, and ended up being in the same building that I was in. Things worked out after all! We spent hours meandering  around the city, spending entirely too much money at Macy’s, stumbling upon a huge fountain at a park, and sitting on a park bench eating water ice (It is kind of like a sno cone).

Rita’s Water Ice (Taken with my Instagram)

I guess all of this is my long winded way of saying that it doesn’t hurt to go without a plan every once in a while. In my mind, going without a plan guarantees that everything is bound to go wrong, but today proved me wrong.  I ended up having a great day and I got some shoes. (Ok, several pairs of cute shoes.)  Are you up for some adventure in your life? Throw out that to-do list and see where your day takes you. Let me know how it works out for you.