#SelfCareFeb Days 5-7: Evaluate Your Social Media

This is the first official weekend challenge of #SelfCareFeb. We are going to take a look at social media. I kind of touched upon this in yesterday’s post, but social media has become increasingly important in our culture and for many people it has become a source of “information” on what is going on in the lives of people around you.The problem with this is that it can be so easy to believe that someone else’s life is going better than yours just because they are posting selfies of themselves smiling on the beach in Thailand or in front of their brand new car, which is simply not true. Everyone is at different stages in their life, and comparing your current stage in life to someone else’s is not going to do you any favors. It can make you feel pretty bad about yourself. Here are some tips that you can implement over the weekend to make your social media more uplifting and inspiring:

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