#SelfCareFeb Day 8: Three O’Clock Tea

We have successfully completed week one of #SelfCareFeb! How did week one go for you? Were there any particular lessons that you found difficult? Did you promise yourself that you would try to do one particular challenge later but never got around to it? Or perhaps you just discovered my website (welcome!) and are starting out with Day 1? #SelfCareFeb is “go at your own pace” so take your time and enjoy! For today’s Mindful Monday I am going to introduce one of my favorite self care practices, which I call “Three O’Clock Tea.”

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#SelfCareFeb: Day 1 – Self Care Intention Setting

Quote Mug

Welcome to the first #MindfulMonday of the month! For the first day of #SelfCareFeb, set your intentions for the month by doing a little bit of goal setting.  You can jot some ideas down on some pretty stationary, type them up on your phone, or scribble them in a journal or diary. Answer the following prompts [it doesn’t need to be super elaborate. Just write whatever comes to your mind]. We will re-visit these questions at the end of the month.

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Mindful Monday: The Importance of Creative Outlets

Welcome to Mindful Monday! In this series, I will share some inspiring content to help you start off your week on a high note. This might consist of uplifting photos, motivational articles, or links to videos or other articles that really resonated with me. Be sure to subscribe to my blog by adding your e-mail address in the subscription box to the right to stay up to date with my new posts!

Red Journal

I used to be a firm believer in the idea “Work hard, and then work even harder!” I never really allowed myself much time for fun or creativity because I always felt that I should be doing something “more productive” with my time. This resulted in me being uninspired, burned out, and bored with my life. As I mentioned in my last post, I am making more of an effort to infuse more creativity into my life, namely through writing. I have been writing poems almost daily now, and I am breathing new life into this blog. Having a creative outlet has added new dimensions to my life including:

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