February 2015 Favorites

February Favorites

I am slowly making the transition to all natural beauty products and have been having fun seeking out new products to try. My goal is to streamline the amount of products that I use and have a more minimalist approach to buying beauty products. I have also been re-visiting some books in my book collection and finally getting around to unpacking some of things from my move last year. Here are my favorite things from February 2015. Continue reading


Create Space for the Things You Love

My desk is a direct reflection of my state of being right now.

My desk is a direct reflection of my state of being right now.

I have visited my blog so many times in the past year. I would start a draft of a post, then promptly delete it while convincing myself that I don’t have time to blog and that my time should be spend doing more important things. My life has been in the craziest state of flux over the past 12 months. I moved AGAIN (more on that later…), I have had to make some really big decisions, and to sum it up, I have felt like the proverbial duck that looks calm above the surface of the water but underneath the surface is paddling furiously to stay afloat.  Continue reading