Out with the Old, In with the New

Getting prepped to move out of my apartment has involved a lot of sorting, recycling, donating, and contemplating. When I first moved to Philly, all of my belongings fit in four suitcases. Over the past few years, I have accumulated enough things to require hiring a moving service to transport everything to my new apartment. When I first started packing, I meticulously sorted everything into “Keep, throw away, or donate” piles. By box 4, I just wanted to get packing over with so I started throwing everything into random boxes. I’ll deal with it later!

Packing has also provided me with a lot of time to think. When I first started this site, I intended for it to go in an entirely different direction. I wanted this to be a place where I can explore creativity, be inspired, and hopefully in the process inspire others. I don’t know what it was about July, but everything seemed to be going wrong. I am sure that I will look back one day and understand why all of this was happening, but for now, all I can do is move forward in full belief that tomorrow is a new day full of opportunity and exciting things. I will be back on August 1 with new content, a regular posting schedule, and perhaps a new theme (something about my current theme reminds me of cupcakes…). Off to go pick up my new keys!