How to Spend A Weekend Sightseeing in Washington D.C.

Sightseeing in DC

I am going to start including more travel posts on my blog! Traveling is my absolute passion and I love discussing my adventures with others. This might end up being super long, but I will be more concise in the future. Please excuse the blurry photos! Please let me know your feedback!

Last August, I decided to visit a friend who works in Washington D.C. Like many people who work in D.C., she actually lives in Virginia and commutes to work each day via the subway because the cost of living in D.C. proper is way too expensive. As such, when I visit my friends, I typically don’t get to do all of the touristy things in D.C. because we end up hanging around on the outskirts of town in Maryland and Virgina. This time, I made it a point to schedule my time well so that I could do some sightseeing. Here is how I spent three action packed days in D.C. and my must do’s (and must don’ts!) Continue reading


How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

I grew up primarily in the 90’s, and every episode of “Captain Planet” and the recycling episode of “Rocko’s Modern Life” (who else remembers that episode??) transformed me into an hippie boho airy fairy Earth child. Recycling, conserving water, and living a more sustainable life became super important to me. As I have gotten older, my passion for treading lightly on Mother Earth has only grown stronger. There are some simple life hacks that I implement in my daily life that are hopefully contributing positively to Earth. Here are five of them: Continue reading

#SelfCareFeb Days 26-28: Plan an Epic Adventure

#SelfCareFeb Days 26-28

We have reached the last days of #SelfCareFeb! Thanks so much for joining me and be sure to subscribe to see what I’m working on next!

I love to travel. It is a fast-track to self discovery, you get to relax, and you get to eat as much food as you want because…. #yolo. As much as I travel, I don’t really feel that I have been to many different destinations. I tend to visit the same locations multiple times. For example, I’ve been to London three times, I’ve been to Los Angeles twice, and I’ve been to New York more times than I can count. In an effort to get myself out of my travel comfort zone, I am embarking upon a 30 by 30 challenge where I’m going to try and visit as many different cities as I can before I turn 30. However, I have quickly realized that if I am going to reach such an ambitious goal, I need to have a plan. Continue reading