Sometimes You Just Need to Take A Walk

I have been having the longest week ever. I have been super tired from running around non-stop between work and meetings. There was an evening informational session for a program that I am interested in applying to and I decided to go to it even though my gut told me not to. Within 30 minutes of being there my eyes completely glazed over and I was scanning the room for the nearest exit.  I gathered my things and decided to go for a walk. The second I stepped outside I was pleasantly surprised to see that a mini hurricane was occurring. The wind was gusting and rain was coming down in curtains. I absolutely love the rain and I felt instantly energized by being outside. I strolled around for a bit, grabbed dinner and then walked a mile home in the pouring rain. I had lots of time to clear my head and to have some downtime for the first time in a while. By the time I got home, I had received e-mails from the informational session re-capping what they talked about. It turns out that I didn’t miss anything by not being there. Whether you are at work and can’t figure out how to do something or you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, when things get tough, sometimes you just need to take a walk.


Moving on Up

I has been a little over two months since my big move (and since I last posted…oops!) and to say that I am thoroughly inspired and in love with my new neighborhood would be an understatement.  It is such a relief to be in a neighborhood where people actually walk around and where I see a diverse set of people.  In my old ‘hood, it was more car and bus oriented so it always felt weird to walk anywhere and in some instances, the sidewalk would just abruptly stop and you would be forced to trudge through foliage to get to your destination.  Now I am surrounded by urban gardens, sidewalk cafes, boutiques, and restaurants galore. The apartment complex across the street from me has a fountain in their courtyard, so anytime the weather is nice, I can open my windows and zen out to the sound of the water. On Friday and Saturday nights, I do have to deal with all of the drunken people and loud motorcycles en route to the local bars, but I don’t mind since pros of the apartment far outweigh the cons. My favorite thing about the apartment is that I have a great view of the city skyline from my bedroom window, and it looks even better at night when the buildings are illuminated in various colors. I will do a series on apartment hunting, living with a roommate, decorating, and how to put together Ikea furniture without losing your mind (you are going to love that one).
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